Non Litigation Support

 Staying out of Court

  • Therapeutic Intervention:
    • ​Child and/or parent support during the process of divorce or separation.
  • ​Parent Child Reunification Therapy:
    • ​Empirical and specialized treatment planning to successfully reunite family members.
  • ​Evaluative Mediation:
    • ​Assertive and rapid negotiations providing solutions.
  • ​Parenting Coordination:
    • ​Case management of family conflict that provides rapid, effective, and lasting results
  • Divorce/Separation Coaching:
    • ​Professional and experienced navigation of the Court, the grieving process, parenting plans,  and supportive parenting while separating

"Every profound spirit needs a mask; nay, more, around every profound spirit there continually grows a mask..."

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Psychology in Calgary


Mike Denis, MEd. R. Psyc.

Litigation Support

Going to Court

  • Litigation Support:
    • ​Expert solution focused advice and guidance.
  • ​Practice Note 7:
    • Professional child focused and solution driven expertise for family conflict.
    • Voice of the child report.
  • ​Unilateral Parenting Assessment:
    • ​Professional assessment and recommendations of parenting abilities.
    • Guardianship assessments.
  • ​Parenting Assessment (Children's Services):​
    • ​Parenting evaluations as requested by Children's Services
  • Practice Note 8 / Bi-Lateral Parenting Assessments
    • We do NOT currently conduct Practice Note 8 assessments.