Mask Psychological Services Ltd.

Mike Denis, R.Psych. #4192

With over 15 years experience helping separating parents, children with separating parents, and teaching Parenting After Separation (PAS) and Focus on Communication in Separation (FOCIS), we understand and can help with moving towards healing and restructuring. 

Divorce/Separation & Grief/Loss Therapy

Grief & Loss therapy provides support when experiencing loss, betrayal, loneliness, and similar emotions related to the loss of a family, loved one, or friendships. 

We specialize in helping either an individual family member or can include grief and adjustment counselling for children experiencing separating parents. 

Divorce Counselling provides encouragement to focus on the future that you want for yourself and, if you are a parent, the future you want for your children.

Mike Denis, MEd. R. Psych. #4192